VIDEO: Astros Cheating Scandal As Told By 'Mean Girls' Is Fantastic Internet

Bobby Burack

The Houston Astros' cheating scandal may be hard to follow for those that have never spent a minute thinking about America's former pastime in January. Subsequently, if you fall into that category, you likely don't want to take the time to read a synopsis on it. But that doesn't mean you can't learn, understand, get outraged, and develop an opinion on it in two minutes thanks to this peak 2020 video. Here is the story of Astros' ongoing disaster told by the 2004 life-changer, Mean Girls.

The Lindsay Lohan-led, decently-rated comedy helped many survive the daunting days of high school. It taught some of the important lessons teachers and coaches just don't delve into. Hopefully, this clip leads to some more downloads for the film as there has been no Mean Girls equivalent for Generation Z.

Nevertheless, anyone who graduated high school between 2004-2014 has a new deep understanding of baseball's latest crisis.