VIDEO: Andy Reid and Guy Fieri Inhaled Some Sandwiches Together


With some hindsight, it's quite remarkable that it took until late 2019 for the unique energies of Andy Reid and Guy Fieri to find each other and team up for some food-based activity, but then again, everyone is just so damn busy these days.

Reid is pretty committed to coaching the Kansas City Chiefs and Fieri physically cannot stop touring the country looking for elite diners, drive-ins, and dives. The important thing is they did get together in an ambitious crossover event.

Here we see the two titans of industry competing in big-boy-bite competition. Both refuse to leave any flavor on the table. Life's too short not to unhinge one's jaw when diving into a short rib patty.

In my mind Fieri was filming and Reid just happened to be there and wandered into the kitchen. Don't really want to find out otherwise.