VIDEO: Agitated Kristaps Porzingis Seen With Cut Above Eye After Apparent Altercation [UPDATE] Belief Is He Was Assaulted

Bobby Burack

A video has surfaced showing Dallas Mavericks forward Kristaps Porzingis with a nasty cut above his eye and a ripped shirt after some sort of altercation in what appears to be his native Latvia (based on the writing on the windows of the store he’s in front of).

The video appears to pick up after a fight or some sort of altercation broke out with several people yelling, Porzingis shoving a woman, and police getting involved. It doesn’t appear that the women was part of the initial offending party, however, as she comes over with Porzingis when he begins to speak with what appears to be the authorities.

There is obviously a lot left unanswered here such as who initiated this situation, what it was over and what actually happened. It goes without saying, this is certainly worth keeping an eye on given Porzingis’ cut and recent issues of being accused of sexual assault.

This is a developing story and we will update it when more information becomes available. 

Update: TMZ has added more details about the altercation:

"“Our sources say that a handful of Russians confronted Kristaps, supposedly upset with the fact that he’d switched teams down here in the States … and an all-out tussle broke out. It would appear to have been pretty violent, ’cause Kristaps was bleeding from his head.”"

Update: The Mavericks are investigating the altercation where it’s believed he was jumped, assaulted, and hit by objects.