VIDEO: Aaron Rodgers Effortlessly Throws Football 50+ Yards


Aaron Rodgers tossed a football around on the field before the Packers take on the Steelers in Pittsburgh this evening. The symbolism of this is obvious: The 53 players currently on the Packers’ active roster should do everything in their power not to totally suck.

Anything can happen of course, but tonight is probably a loss. In the next two weeks, winnable games against the Browns and Buccaneers beckon. If Green Bay goes 2-1 in these three games, they’d be 7-6 with Rodgers eligible to return from his broken collarbone.

This Packers season in all honesty doesn’t have a whole lot of hope, but Rodgers winging the ball down the field is a sign that a lost season is not a one-thousand percent open and shut case.