VIDEO: Aaron Rodgers Argues With Packers Coach Matt LaFleur While Walking to Sideline


Aaron Rodgers was not happy after not being able to find anyone on a particular play against the Vikings. Rodgers took these frustrations out on his new coach, Matt LaFleur:

Uh oh. 15 seconds of hell, that is gonna churn the Rodgers LaFleur relationship.

— Michael Klinck (@Michael_Klinck) September 15, 2019

While this could be just growing pains, it’s sure to create some chatter. Much was made this offseason of Rodgers’ and LaFleur’s relationship. The new-look offense was off to a hot start today against Minnesota but has not looked the same as the game has progressed. A la the yelling.

This relationship is going to take some time to work. And as Mike McCarthy would tell you, Rodgers is not the easiest player to get along with in the game.

Their defense, looks much better, though.