Victor Wembanyama Had a Putback Dunk... Off His Own Missed Three-Pointer


Victor Wembanyama is not in the NBA yet, but all his games are being carried on the league's website. Today fans could tune in to watch Monaco beat Wemby's Metropolitans 92 squad, 87-68, in LNB Pro A action. The future of the NBA was held to just eight points in 35 minutes, but still managed to provide a highlight that I'm not sure anyone has ever seen before.

So, he crosses over between his legs, behind his back, between his legs again, takes one dribble towards the hoop and attempts a step-back three. The shot was short so it bounces off the front of the rim and that's when Victor Wembanyama comes flying in for the putback dunk.

What the hell even was that? Obviously, you need the perfect bounce, but everything in these videos is worth celebrating. The handle. The ability to create a shot like that so smoothly at 7-foot-whatever. The fundamental decision to follow his shot.

But all that really matters is that he dunked his own missed three. It's insane.