Victor Dukes, a High School Sophomore, Somehow Ended Up Above the Rim on This Dunk

Stephen Douglas

Victor Dukes is a 6’3″ sophomore at Nettleton High School in Arkansas. During a recent game, Dukes went down the lane and dunked on an opponent. The dunk is almost indescribable and looks fake. He goes up to dunk and just appears to keep rising. At the peak of his jump he somehow has his head above the rim and has put his arm through the basket up to his elbow. It doesn’t look like he stepped on his opponent, but that’s the only explanation for someone being that high off the ground. The only other explanation I can come up with is that a thousand tiny angels grabbed him by the jersey and pulled him higher.

Here’s another angle via @Jose3030. It looks even less real.

[Bob’s Blitz, screen grab via]