Vegas Oddsmaker Kicks Hole in the Wall After Geno Smith Pick-6 Kills House


MGM Mirage vice president of race and sports Jay Rood and our site’s Jason Lisk have something in common. Both were dismayed when Geno Smith’s late pick-six against the Broncos gave Denver the late cover today. According to ESPN’s David Purdum, Rood’s sportsbook had a major position on the Jets and the VP kicked a hole in the wall in his office when after the fateful turnover; Lisk didn’t lose any money, but did miss his Pigsplosion pick.

(Purdum notes that many Vegas books lost big on both Smith and Kirk Cousins’ late pick-sixes, but made it up and then some on on the Dallas and Oakland covers.)

A boxer that you may have heard of — he makes big bets all the time! — was among those who cashed in big on the Broncos, but we’re not gonna name him here because we would’ve heard nothing about him losing that bet if not for Geno’s late-game anti-heroics.

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