UTEP's New Football Coach Went Insane at a Basketball Game

Austin Peay v Alabama
Austin Peay v Alabama / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages

UTEP basketball hosted Louisiana Tech last night in El Paso with a chance to knock off a quality opponent and get over .500. The Miners' efforts were unsuccessful as the 40 minutes ended with a 65-59 defeat. But it certainly wasn't football coach Scotty Walden's fault. That guy laid it all on the court.

Without a shirt and with plenty of body paint, he did everything he could to fire up the crowd. Like climbing on a table, going Old School in the student section, and distracting 19- and 20-year old-student athletes as they attempted to shoot free throws.

This was Walden's coming-out performance as he was named as the new coach back in December after a successful run at Austin Peay State. Credit where it's due: this is how you ingratiate yourself to a new fanbase.

If any other 34-year-old did this at a college basketball game everyone would be wondering what the heck was wrong with that person but when you coach football you're allowed to go sicko mode for the greater good. That's one of the perks no one talks about it.

As much as I love and respect the performance I can't help but wonder what Walden's family must think seeing him completely lose his mind and become the star of the show. One one hand they must be proud but imagine if he forgets to take the trash out or something after expending so much energy acting 18. Could be setting himself up for trouble.