Roundup: USWNT Wins Pay Equality; Emmy Rossum Joins 'The Crowded Room'; Freddie Freeman May Not Re-Sign With Braves

Emmy Rossum at Apple's "The Morning Show" Global Premiere
Emmy Rossum at Apple's "The Morning Show" Global Premiere / Brian Ach/GettyImages

Party Bus Chase in San Diego: A party bus was involved in a police chase in San Diego. This got me thinking: a party bus would be the perfect getaway vehicle in a heist movie if the circumstances are right. Look at Ocean's 11. If Danny and the crew weren't going to get out in a SWAT van, what would be the next best option to blending in on the Vegas strip? A party bus. Maybe not when that movie was made, but now they're all the rage. The Den of Thieves guys are making a sequel. They should use this free idea.

And now the Roundup ...

Ahmaud Arbery killers found guilty of federal hate crime charges ... U.S. women's soccer players settle equal pay lawsuit for $24 million ... Cardi B chimes in Russia-Ukraine conflict ... Yankees retire Paul O'Neill's number ... Supreme Court rejects Trump's appeal to shield January 6 records ... Joe Biden announces new sanctions on Russia ... An explanation of those sanctions ... Oil prices surged on Tuesday ... Stocks took a beating on Tuesday ... A first look at Christopher Nolan's "Oppenheimer" ... Screaming Trees singer Mark Lanegan died at 57 ... Chiefs released Anthony Hitchens ... J.J. Redick ripped into Zion Williamson ... Emmy Rossum joins "The Crowded Room" ... Jevon Carter signing with the Milwaukee Bucks ... Phil Mickelson made a terrible apology ... Freddie Freeman may not re-sign with the Braves ...

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