USC Player Tony Burnett Apologized For Tweet Making Fun of El Paso


USC players will reach a bowl game for the first time since 2009. Not all of them are finding the experience magical. Trojan linebacker Tony Burnett tweeted his frustration about spending New Year’s Eve being toasted by El Paso. He was forced to issue a public apology.

"“Georgia Tech!? El Paso, Texas!? New Years Eve!? FML,” Burnett stated on his Twitter account, @NoCutz. FML is slang meaning “(expletive) my life.” The account is under the name Benjamin S. Button but has a photo of Burnett and is listed as Burnett’s account on the USC athletics website. Burnett, a 22-year-old former walk-on player from Watts, Calif., in other messages said that no one wants to be in El Paso on New Year’s Eve and “if you never seen a real life giant tumbleweed get ready.”"

Burnett just does not appreciate the romance of getting sent to a remote Texas town over the Holidays to toil for free against a 6-7 Georgia Tech team so a TV network can sell ads and a city can sell hotel room packages. Once in a lifetime experience. In related news, joking about El Paso can be no laughing matter. Lisa Horne had to take down a satirical column after receiving death threats.

[Photo via Presswire]