Urban Meyer Still Doesn't Get It, Continues To Embarrass Ohio State


Urban Meyer is now out of coach jail, as he is no longer suspended by Ohio State after missing the first three weeks of the season. On Monday he spoke to the media, and as we’ve become accustomed to, he only made things worse for himself and his employer.

Meyer also released a statement on Monday that was basically a clarification of the previous clarification of his original apology:

Then, during his rambling press conference, Meyer claimed — among other things — that he never deleted texts off his phone, that he didn’t know if Courtney Smith was a victim of domestic violence and that his wife never told him of Smith’s texts to her about being abused.

Meyer also compared Courtney Smith’s allegations of domestic violence to other couples’ “marriage problems.” He also referred to them as “marital issues.”

It’s easy to see Meyer has learned absolutely nothing. If you read Ohio State’s report, it is clear as day Meyer knew about all of Zach Smith’s issues and even yelled at him numerous times. But he never punished him. Smith was an absolute train wreck of a human being and Meyer continued paying and enabling him.

During the press conference, Meyer basically said the only reason he continued to keep Smith around is because he cares too much about other people. His only real fault in all of this is that he gives people too many chances and tries to help them too much. Yeah, I’m sure that’s it Urban. We all buy that.

As Pat Forde pointed out on Monday, Meyer has regularly ignored violence against women:

"At Florida in 2010, standout running back Chris Rainey (14) was arrested on a charge of felony stalking for texting a death threat to a woman; when the woman spoke up for Rainey and he was given deferred prosecution for a lesser charge, Rainey was reinstated in less than a month. In 2012 at Ohio State, linebacker Storm Klein (15) was initially dismissed after being charged with domestic violence; when the alleged victim recanted her story and said she injured herself during an argument with Klein, charges were reduced to disorderly conduct and he was suspended just two games. The next year, star running back Carlos Hyde (16) was arrested in relation to a nightclub altercation with a woman; he was suspended three games and then returned to the lineup when the victim refused to go forward with the charges."

"Plenty of altercations. Plenty of recanting women. Plenty of reinstatements. Zach Smith got a pass twice, without any recanting by Courtney, and was never suspended at all — maybe because his issues never went public until this summer."

There was plenty of evidence that Smith was abusing his wife, or at least enough to step in and suspend or fire him. Yet Meyer, at every turn, refused.

Given his attitude since this story broke and his answers and tone in Monday’s press conference, it’s clear this whole situation has been nothing but an annoyance to him. PR people continue to put out clarifications and apologies after the fact, and he keeps showing how he really feels when he is asked directly. He doesn’t care about any of this. He doesn’t care that Courtney Smith was in danger, he doesn’t care that it was obvious he attempted a cover-up and doesn’t care he has embarrassed Ohio State repeatedly.