Urban Meyer Returns to Television, Praises UCLA and USC's "Natural Rivalries" on Big Ten Network

Urban Meyer on Big Ten Network.
Urban Meyer on Big Ten Network. /

Urban Meyer appeared on the Big Ten Network today to discuss the news that USC and UCLA were planning to join the Big Ten. It was one of Meyer's first appearances on-air since he rejoined FOX Sports (maybe his very first appearance) following his disasterous tenure with the Jacksonville Jaguars. Meyer, who spent the better part of a decade coaching at Ohio State, thinks the two California schools are a natural fit in the Big Ten.

"I've seen conference realignment like we all have over the years. And quite honestly, it didn't make a lot of sense. You know, where this school is going to jump to this conference and there's not really a rivalry there. There's not a foundation for recruiting. But this one makes sense to me. I heard about this a while back and and I was like wow. I started scratching my head saying you know, can they really do this? And then you started, I lived in that world for so long that Ohio State and, you know, the Wolverines, and the... there are some great, great football players in Los Angeles. That when USC and UCLA are down a little bit you can go and cherrypick them a little bit. But now you're going to see the floodgates open up in my opinion because now those families will be able see their sons play. It makes a lot of sense to me. And academically, reputation, and there are natural rivalries between UCLA, USC and the Big Ten Conference."

It's unclear how UCLA or USC have a "natural rivalry" with anyone from the Midwest, but at least Meyer mentioned how it also might help recruiting for the current Big Ten programs. Keep that in mind parents! Adding a new tier to your cable package and you'll never miss a 9am kickoff!