Unvaccinated Man's Video Diary of Battling COVID From ICU Bed is Heartbreaking, Sadly Necessary


Travis Campbell is a Virginia man battling COVID-19 from an ICU bed. In his toughest, most regretful moments he's found the strength to use his platform to urge others to get the vaccine so they can be spared a fate similar to his. In a series of videos, Campbell has taken viewers behind the scenes of his treatment. They are equal parts devastating and maddening. One wonders why the hell these type of PSAs from COVID skeptics suffering the consequences of their inaction aren't airing 24-7 on news channels.

One cannot watch Campbell without feeling the excruciating pain and sorrow. To know that we are still mired in largely abstract and unnecessary "debates" about how hard we should be trying to combat a devastating pandemic after more than 600,000 Americans have died in this slow, awful manner is beyond comprehension. And though it's fair to wonder if there's anything that can be done to convince enough people to climb out of this, it certainly seems like honest portrayals of what's at stake for every family is far more effective than any other method.

CNN's New Day aired a compilation of Campbell's videos this morning.

It is tough to imagine having this type of courage and trying to do some good while grappling with the realization that the end may be imminent. Campbell is a hero for opening himself up like this to the world. And people of all persuasions can learn from him. There's the the obvious target audience of the unvaccinated, but his journey should be a stark reminder to those who dismiss the suffering of others just because they are of a different political persuasion. Behind every number is someone's son or daughter. A father or mother robbed of time with their children.

It's unfathomably awful that we got here and that the exits don't appear particularly well-lit. It's long past time to turn up the spotlights on the horrific realities waiting for future victims of this virus. There is no such thing as too-little, too-late. Cable news needs more Campbells. Sadly, there are no shortage of opportunities.