University of Washington Students Rioted to Celebrate the Seahawks Super Bowl Win

Stephen Douglas

Seattle Seahawks fans were overjoyed when their football team won The Big Game on Sunday. Fans on the University of Washington campus were so excited they did that thing that stupid college kids do and poured into the streets and set stuff on fire. When police finally got the thousands of students to disperse, some came back and restarted the fires. Luckily, was able to get an exclusive interview with one the brightest fans, known simply as “Chris.”

"Chris said, “We burned couches. Then they came and they left. We burned more couches. They came and then left.” This cycle continued until well past 9 p.m. when police finally cleared the fire at 47th Street and 17th Avenue. When asked why they were burning couches, Chris said, “It’s good for the environment, probably.” He also said that many students used the phrase “YOLO”: you only live once."

Young people really are the worst.

[kirotv, image via]