University of Texas Football Made $1.8 Million on Alcohol Sales,with Miller Lite as the Best Seller


This year, the University of Texas sold alcohol at football games for the first time, and the results are illuminating.

That the school made $1.8 million on alcohol sales is not surprising, considering Texas welcomed more than 540,000 people to Darrell K. Royal Memorial Stadium this season.

The shocker is in the tastes of those half-million fans.

UT sold 62,275 Miller Lites this year, more than Coors Light (second-place) or Bud Light (third). This qualifies as a major upset. Anheuser-Busch InBev dominates the beer world with a 45 percent share in the U.S.. MillerCoors is a distant second at 26 percent.

But as anyone who’s ever had a Lone Star can attest, Texans have a unique palate when it comes to beer. Perhaps this shouldn’t be surprising since notable Longhorn supporter Matthew McConaughey’s family appears to be big Miller Lite fans–his brother even named his kid Miller Lyte.

After Bud Light, it went Blue Moon, call liquor, and two hard ciders.

The full list, gathered by the Houston Chronicle, went like so:

Miller Lite: 62,275 sold, $493,856 made

Coors Light: 57,901 sold, $433,290 made

Bud Light: 24,838 sold, $182,828 made

Blue Moon can: 8,327 sold, $69,920 made

Call liquor: 7,818 sold, $84,620 made

Crispin Hard Cider can: 7,566 sold, $67,291 made

Redd’s Apple Ale: 7,348 sold, $63,411 made

Dos Equis: 4,915 sold, $42,109 made

Coors Original: 4,848 sold, $37,963 made

Uncle Billy’s Green Room IPA: 3,901 sold, $34,322 made

St. Arnold Lawnmower: 2,946 sold, $25,977 made

Independence Power & Light: 2,883 sold, $25,576 made

Michelob Ultra: 2,778 sold, $21,005 made

Hops & Grain Zoe: 2,697 sold, $24,041 made

Shiner Bock: 2,671 sold, $22,754 made

Wine: 2,401 sold, $17,864 made

Premium liquor: 2,048 sold, $26,321 made

House red wine: 2,006 sold, $14,504 made

Lone Star: 1,725 sold, $13,426 made

Well liquor: 1,629 sold, $14,392 made

Summer Shandy: 1,600 sold, $14,015 made

Harvest Patch can: 1,426 sold, $12,679 made

Premium wine: 738 sold, $6,289 made

Blue Moon draft: 534 sold, $4,806 made

Bloody Mary – Tito’s: 409 sold, $4,499 made

Crispin Hard Cider draft: 402 sold, $3,618 made

Mimosa: 346 sold, $2,768 made

Harvest Patch Shandy draft: 168 sold, $1,512 made

Super premium liquor: 102 sold, $1,512 made

Bloody Mary – Smirnoff: 54 sold, $486 made

Bloody Mary – Dripping Springs: 23 sold, $207 made

Liquor floater: nine sold, $27 made

Pretty populist tastes for a bunch of alleged tea-sippers.