'Undisputed' and 'First Take' Both Talked About LeBron James Today For Some Reason

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Paley Prize Gala Honoring ESPN's 35th Anniversary Presented By Roc Nation Sports - Inside / Larry Busacca/GettyImages

On the morning of September 5, 2023, coming off a long weekend, with less than 60 hours before the NFL season kicks off, both ESPN's First Take and FS1's Undisputed dedicated time to discuss LeBron James. NBA training camps don't start for another two months.

First Take went with the most traditional debate possible, teasing a Jordan vs. LeBron discussion between Stephen A. Smith and LeBron megafan Shannon Sharpe. Just two days into their relationship (debate-tionship?) the pair tackled the question on everyone's minds.

Not to be outdone, Skip Bayless and his merry crew of sports shouters also took plenty of time out of their day to talk about LeBron.

This begs the obvious question... what are we doing here? The NFL is king. The NFL is actually starting. It is finally time to talk about the country's most popular sports league. Sharpe, Sherman, Irvin and Johnson are all former football players. Who in the world needs to hear their warmed-over takes on LeBron James in early September? It looks silly when these shows are debating something like Tom Brady's GOAT-ness in the middle of the NBA Playoffs, but at least it's understandable because football is so popular.

Apparently this is how these guys live their lives. LeBron James on the tip of every tongue. It's quite an endorsement of his star power, but come on. Dabo Swinney lost to Duke last night. Patrick Mahomes is going to be playing football in a few hours. The whole damn NFL will be in action this Sunday.

Anyone who suggests LeBron James as a debate show topic this week should be sent home immediately. Even if it's one of the stars.