PSA: U-Haul Trucks Do Not Fit In Parking Garages

Stephen Douglas
U-Haul gets some free advertising.
U-Haul gets some free advertising. /

Someone recently attempted to park a UHaul in a parking garage. As the headline reveals, U-Haul trucks do not fit inside parking garages. They are too tall. People have tried it before, but it just doesn't work. And until the public is better educated on the subject, things like this are going to keep happening.

OK, maybe not exactly like this. This is like a short film with an unlimited budget. The truck hits a sign on the way in. Then the driver slows down as he grinds the truck beneath some pipes and stops. If he and his friend had just gotten out of the truck right then, the day may have been salvaged.

Instead he backs up and tries to turn around, which leads to him smashing the front and back of the truck over and over again until he finally dislodges a pipe. The passenger gets out to survey the damage and oh dear lord is there a sewage pipe up there? The co-pilot jumps back in the truck and they continue to try and turn around. Water continues to pour down and the guy pokes his head out again before the driver finally floors it one last time and gets the truck stuck for good.

Whoever these guys are, thank you.