UFC 116: The Greatest PPV Ever?


Obviously, a little hyperbole in the headline, but this pay-per-view was absolutely awesome. This card and headlining fight not only lived up to the hype, but exceeded it. It’s going to be one of the biggest PPV’s the UFC has done and it ensured that the UFC will keep growing.

Let’s get this out of the way – I was way off on my predictions. Fortunately, I think most other people were too. If you thought that both Brock Lesnar and Chris Leben were going to win by submission then you either pick fights by throwing darts at words you’ve written on your wall or you’re from the future. I only got three of the five fights right.

Now let’s take a look at what we learned about some of the key participants of one of the best cards you’ll ever see.

Brock Lesnar
Showed great resiliency and composure by taking his beating like a man and moving on to the second round. He showed a submission game to go along with some of the best ground and pound in the sport. He showed a little humility and even some good sportsmanship. When Lesnar and Carwin started the first round, neither guy really liked or respected the other. By the time they came out to touch gloves to start the second, all that had changed. They exchanged smiles that acknowledged just how tough they each were. It was a great moment. Can you really pick against him now?

Shane Carwin
He was seconds from finishing Brock Lesnar. In fact, he made Lesnar look damn fraudulent in the first round. The point is, this guy is still a monster. He’s going to murder the next person that steps in the cage with him. He remains one of the baddest motherfuckers on the planet. My prediction: Wins a couple fights and we get Lesnar-Carwin II for next year’s 4th of July weekend card.

Chris Leben

I can’t say enough about this fight. It was electric. The Roller Coaster of Love entrance. Landed the most strikes from his back. Total zombiefest in the second. The reaction to the crowd between the second and third round. You could call me a fan. Leben has now won three straight fights – all in 2010. Not sure who he fights next, but its going to be a step up the ladder. I can’t wait to see him again.

Yoshihiro Akiyama
His entrance was the exact opposite of Leben’s, but once they got in the cage. Akiyama stood there and traded with Leben in one of the best fights of the year. Too bad “The Korean Zombie” is already taken.

Stephan Bonnar
He lives! I guess he’s now eligable to step in to Keith Jardine’s gatekeeper role?

Chris Lytle
51 MMA bouts since 1999. 15 boxing matches in the early 2000’s. He was robbed of Submission of the Night. Now he’s won three straight. Maybe he gets the Marcus Davis – Nate Diaz winner.

Kurt Pellegrino
Please don’t retire Kurt. You’re not too old for another run at the title. There’s nothing wrong with getting worked by George Sotiropoulos. I don’t think Pellegrino is ever going to win the lightweight title, but he’s one of the upper-level guys in a stacked division.

George Sotiropoulos
Will the UFC handle him with kid gloves in hopes he could fight for the title in Australia sometime in the next year? Personally, I’d love to see him get right in there with the Penn-Edgar loser.

Brendan Schaub
His only loss was at the Ultimate Fighter 10 Finale against Roy Nelson who is fighting a #2 contender fight next month. All five of his wins have come via knockout.

Gerald Harris
On a night full of highlights, Gerald Harris gave us the most spectacular moment of the event when he slammed Dave Branch into the canvas with such force that he knocked him out on impact. Major props to Harris for seeing that Branch was gone and not taking any unnecessary shots. The win takes Harris to 3-0 in the UFC and 17-2 overall. Plus, it ended up on SpikeTV and was his second Knockout of the Night award inside the Octagon. Next stop for Harris? Main card of an event. (Gif via Middle Easy)