Udonis Haslem Breaks Down Infamous Flagrant Foul on Tyler Hansbrough

Miami Heat v Milwaukee Bucks - Game Two
Miami Heat v Milwaukee Bucks - Game Two / Quinn Harris/Getty Images

Udonis Haslem just signed on for his 19th season with the Miami Heat. The 41-year-old has won three NBA titles in Miami and is a franchise legend. Despite all the accolades he's received, one play stands out in his time with the team and he went in depth about it during an appearance on The Long Shot podcast.

Back in 2012 during the Eastern Conference semifinals, Haslem was suspended for five games after a flagrant foul on Indiana Pacers forward Tyler Hansbrough. He admitted shortly after that the hard foul was retaliation for a shot Hansbrough took on Dwyane Wade earlier in the game.

This week he gave even more detailed context and it was fascinating.

I appreciate the insight into how the mechanics of this went down. It was a much-discussed play at the time, and Haslem dissecting exactly what he was thinking all those years ago is a really interesting listen.

The fact that Hansbrough was getting high-fives for his foul on Wade seem to have really set Haslem off. In the end he viewed it as protecting his teammate and willingly took the suspension to do it.

The Heat eliminated the Pacers in six games and went on to win their first of back-to-back titles.