Is UConn Football Leading the Way to a Canceled College Football Season?

UConn football helmet sits idly.
UConn football helmet sits idly. / Michael Hickey/Getty Images

UConn has canceled its 2020 football season. With the announcement, the Huskies have officially become the first FBS school to cancel football. This comes on the same day that the Big Ten released their full season schedule.

These are the two ends of the college football spectrum. You either admit it won't work or you move ahead like there is nothing wrong. So how long until other schools follow UConn's lead?

Paul Finebaum went on Get Up this morning and suggested that other programs will look at UConn and say that it is OK to fold the tent. As Finebaum pointed out, UConn isn't even in a hot spot. It's just having problems with money and scheduling. The Huskies were going to compete as an independent program this season which made things very complicated. Six of their games had already been canceled as opponents went to conference-only schedules. Independent UConn just wasn't a financial prize for big conferences with real money on the line.

So that's on top of the main problem facing college sports this year. As students return to schools and campuses over the next few weeks, it's quite clear that the second wave is going to hit the United States before the first wave ever really finished, which just means there are no waves. We are in the middle of very deep water with land far off in any direction. So far UConn has been the first school to admit it. It's unlikely it's the last.