UConn and UCF Now Have The Stupidest Contrived Rivalry In College Sports [UPDATE]


UConn’s rivals left the Big East. The Huskies got stuck in the rebranded AAC. Their arch-rival is now…UCF. They have a trophy, a countdown clock and everything. It will be termed “The Civil Conflict,” because one team is in the North and one team is in the South. Get it?

This rivalry appears to be the brainchild of Bob Diaco. It’s not clear whether UCF has accepted that this game is, in fact, a rivalry. The team’s Twitter account, per multiple searches, has yet to mention it. UCF seemed more excited about playing Stanford…in snowy Palo Alto?

2015 will see the third edition of this storied rivalry. At least the Huskies will be wearing better helmets.

UPDATE: Confirmed. UCF had no idea this rivalry existed.