Uber Eats Basketball Game Conspiracy Theorists Are Probably Right


Last night's Loyola-Duquense game was interrupted by a person wandering onto the court and interfering with play, which you simply cannot do in a civilized society. This person was unscientifically yet reasonably identified as a food delivery employee becuase, well, he was carrying food and ostensibly looking for its intended target. It was a moment that quickly went viral and rose to the level that even this very sports blog posted it as content.

But after the initial laughs, some questions began to arise. Like, how did he get in the game without a ticket? Is it Duquense policy to just let anyone carrying McDonald's in and give them carte blanche to roam around? Seems quite dubious.

Since it's 2023 and stunt marketing shows no sign of ceasing to be a scourge on the world, healthy skepticism that this whole ordeal was just viral marketing became a popular position. Which is super weird, too, because who in their right mind would choose an Atlantic-10 matchup not on basic cable on a random Wednesday as a devious playground? Others would suggest this is actually the perfect venue becuase no one would suspect it.

Some layers came off the onion overnight as Ramblers assistant athletics director Austin Hansen shared some additional information suggesting this may have been some sort of bit. A successful bit, but a bit nonetheless.

We will admit that we're not ensconced in every detail of the food-delivery industry. Having said that, it seems unusual to be outfitted with a lavalier microphone. Also this gentelman does not appear to have a strong sense of where his client is seated, asking pretty much everyone if they wanted the Mickey Ds.

Do we feel bad about potentially being tricked? Well, not really. Because it's something that happened and the pretense of why this person was on the court does not change that he was on the court. Even if it's decidedly a more lame situation.

We're looking forward to see whatever type of video he's been able to create for this "prank." Is it a prank? Is it a stunt? The definitions are always changing.

Anyway, a good reminder that every funny moment should be taken with a grain of salt and a side of fries.