Tyrese Gibson Accuses The Rock Of Juicing In Bizarre Instagram Rant


Tyrese Gibson posted a rambling rant on his Instagram page Wednesday. In it, Gibson claimed that he would quit the Fast & Furious franchise if Dwayne Johnson (aka The Rock) returned for the ninth installment of the series. He also accused The Rock of juicing.

Check it out:

Aside from the litany of spelling mistakes (including his own character’s name), this is just the latest in a series rants in this seemingly one-sided feud. Gibson is angry that Johnson is doing a spin-off of the series based around his character Luke Hobbs. That spin-off has apparently delayed the ninth movie in the series by one year.

While it wouldn’t be a shock if the utterly ripped Johnson (who happens to be 45) was using some kind of steroid or HGH to keep his physique, who really cares? I sincerely doubt that’s rare in Hollywood. Unless they start testing for PEDs on movie sets, does it matter?

Meanwhile, Gibson’s personal life appears to be a mess, as he’s currently in a custody battle with his ex-wife.

At this point, The Rock has reached “national treasure” status, so there is zero chance Gibson can win this feud. He’d be better off just shutting up and continuing with the franchise.