Tyreek Hill Not Conceding 'Cheetah' Nickname to Matt Breida


Tyreek Hill has taken on the name the Cheetah because of his insane speed, and even uses the moniker as his Twitter handle. Matt Breida, the second-year running back who has taken over after the Jerick McKinnon injury, leads the NFL in rushing yards after two weeks. He is also now being called the Cheetah because, well, it kind of rhymes.

But Tyreek Hill is not conceding that title.

“Man, I’ve only gotta say one thing: Who got the social media name and all of that?,” said Hill, whose Twitter handle is @Cheetah. “There’s only one cheetah in the league, just know that. You can’t be a cheetah and run a 4.48, or whatever you run.”