Ty Jerome Enjoyed Dunking on the Media


Ty Jerome had a productive weekend in Minneapolis. His Virginia Cavaliers won a national title, thanks to his predictably steady play. He also found time to fire off shots at media members near and far.

The first came during a breakout session on Sunday, when Jerome took aim at Yahoo’s Pat Forde for a critical article following UVA’s historic loss last year.

They say the best revenge is living well, which may be true. Forcing someone to backtrack and write an article 180 degrees from the one that got under your skin is a close second.

Not done, Jerome set his sights on an even bigger name.

“I just feel so bad for [ESPN’s] Stephen A. Smith,” Jerome told Sports Illustrated’s Andy Staples. “He said he hated watching us. And he had to watch us every single round of the tournament. I feel so bad for him. It must have been so hard for him.”

Man. Very refreshing to see the glow of a championship doing little to dull a grudge. Jerome seems committed to keeping it extremely real, no matter the circumstance.

Considering today’s NBA and its willingness to traffic in drama, this figures to help his eventual draft stock. Inspiring stuff for all the content creators out there to see. Adds some real faith for the future to the equation.