Twitter Loves Patrick Beverley, the Latest NBA Player and Future Great Media Member


Patrick Beverley has spent a lot of time at ESPN since the Minnesota Timberwolves were eliminated from the NBA Playoffs. On Monday morning, in the wake of the Phoenix Suns getting blown out by the Dallas Mavericks in Game 7, Beverley was front and center on Get Up. The circumstances could not have been better for Beverley, who was obviously well-prepared to roast his longtime on-court rival, Chris Paul, and people loved it.

This isn't just because people love listening to people rip CP3. It's because Beverley speaks freely. He's part of the generation that grew up watching Inside the NBA. Guys used to look up to Shaq because he was one of the best big men ever. Now they look up to him because he says what he wants on television. That's how Beverley is in the studio and on the court. While it might make him annoying to fans watching him play basketball, it's what makes him great talking about basketball on television.

If Beverley had been working quietly on-camera for a few days, this morning's appearance on Get Up was definitely the moment where everyone took notice and started to see the future he could have.

Beverley better hurry up and retire because there will be no shortage of guys who are great on television coming out of the NBA anytime soon. Any player that wants to work in media is going to get the reps they need. The next JJ Redick and Draymond Green are right around the corner waiting for the next podcast to catch fire. Right now it's Beverley off the strength of some ESPN appearances. Who knows who will pop up next.