Tua Tagovailoa's New Tattoo Is Massive, Awesome


We knew that Tua Tagovailoa got himself a massive new tattoo on his non-throwing arm and non-throwing shoulder but the Miami Dolphins quarterback has been hiding that thing under a bushel until he was ready for the big reveal. The blessed unsheathing came today after practice where Tagovailoa stood in front of a sponsored team backdrop and dropped the art on the outside the world. And thankfully, it looks tremendously crafted.

This piece is detailed and nuanced and beautiful. A strong 10 out of 10 paying homage to his Samoan pride. It also looks like it was not done quickly, meaning Tua had plenty of time to sit in that chair and think about how he's going to fight through an extremely competitive division to take the next step this year. A win-win for everyone involved, except Aaron Rodgers, who needs to get some more ink on his wing to keep up in this arms race.