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Tua Tagovailoa's Helmet Slammed Into Turf on Late Hit

Ryan Phillips

Just as Tua Tagovailoa seemed to finally be putting it all together in the NFL he got knocked out of a game. Tagovailoa took a late hit against the Buffalo Bills on Sunday, came up wobbly and looked completely out of it.

Check out the video:

You can see the back of his head slam hard on the turf.

Another look:

Matt Milano was flagged for a late hit on the Miami Dolphins quarterback and it was obviously a deserved penalty. It doesn't look like Tua is going to return to this one. The Dolphins had played well, staying tight with the Bills as it's tied 14-14 late in the first half. That comes after a 2-0 start for Miami. Things were rolling until this injury.

Tagovailoa was 8-of-10 for 76 yards and a touchdown in the first half. Here's hoping the 24-year-old isn't out for long.

UPDATE: Somehow, Tagovailoa returned to the game in the second half.