NFL VP Troy Vincent Made Strongest Statement From League Yet on Racial Justice Movement

Annual NFL League Meeting
Annual NFL League Meeting / Mark Brown/Getty Images

It's not easy getting someone from the NFL league office to truly open up about how they feel about the racial inequality issues our country is currently embroiled in. As a corporation, answers tend to be calculated and presented in a written statement. They voice support, but in a way where they try not to alienate the other side. At least, that's how it tends to be.

Former star and current NFL Executive VP of Football Operations Troy Vincent just broke from that mold, however. He appeared on ESPN Radio this morning on the Keyshawn, JWill & Zubin show and made an impassioned plea for racial justice, fighting back tears as he commended the NBA players who boycotted games yesterday and cursing when discussing the killings of Black people that have led to these protests.

As a former player himself and, more to the point, a Black man in America, Vincent couldn't hold back his true feelings here. He's scared for his sons. He's proud of what athletes are doing. He supports their decision.

While he doesn't speak for the NFL, him saying "this shit has got to end," is the strongest statement anyone with his level of power within the league office has made against systematic racism within America and police departments. Whether that's a trend that continues for a league that has long faced backlash over their handling of the Colin Kaepernick kneeling situation remains to be seen. But the fact that he went on national radio and made this kind of statement is powerful.