Troy Aikman Casually Drops Shocking Bomb About Kellen Moore Accepting Boise Job

Troy Aikman.
Troy Aikman. / Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

Sometimes in a bad game, announcers drop casual comments they don't realize will set the NFL world ablaze just because it was something to fill the airwaves. We saw it earlier this year when Brian Griese said Bears quarterback Nick Foles told him he wasn't 100 percent pleased with Matt Nagy's play-calling and we got it again today when Troy Aikman told viewers Kellen Moore accepted the head coaching job at Boise before being re-signed by the Cowboys.

Here's the full quote:

" "I've been hearing Joe, I don't know exactly what's been reported, that he was offered the job and had accepted the job, so I think there was a lot in the story there as far as what has kept him in Dallas.""

Yeah, that hasn't been reported before. And coming from Aikman, it holds a lot of weight.

For those who haven't been following, Moore was being courted by his alma mater to be their next head coach, but cut off negotiations after re-signing to remain the Cowboys offensive coordinator. Much like Jason Garrett was the Cowboys head-coach-in-waiting while Wade Phillips was their head coach, the assumption here is something similar was offered to Moore. Why else would he turn down a head coaching job at the school where he became famous?

Moore is currently a rising star in the coaching ranks after leading the Cowboys to the most yards and sixth-most points scored last year. He was dealt a worse hand this year with the Dak Prescott injury but has helped keep the Cowboys afloat on offense, ranking 12th in yards, but only 24th in points.

Mike McCarthy is currently the Cowboys head coach, but much like Phillips, seems like a placeholder. He won a Super Bowl with the Packers, but was out of the lead for a year and has made several mistakes this year that have placed him squarely on the hot seat. He's been given several votes of confidence from the Jones family and is expected to return. However, if the Cowboys have another bad year, he'll surely be out, opening the door for Moore to take over.

Aikman is as deeply engrained in the Cowboys organization as anyone so it seems unlikely he would say something like this unless he heard it from a reliable source. That he dropped is so casually just before halftime is kind of surprising, but important nevertheless.