Tristan Thompson Calls Out 'Chatty Patty' Teammates Over Anonymous Quotes

Stephen Douglas
Tristian Thompson against the Orlando Magic
Tristian Thompson against the Orlando Magic / Jason Miller/Getty Images

The Cleveland Cavaliers dropped their fifth consecutive game on Friday night, losing to the Orlando Magic at home. The loss, their 11th in their last 12 games, came hours after The Athletic published a story citing multiple anonymous players complaining about coach John Beilein. Players were asked about the story after the game and unsurprisingly, no one confirmed the story. Tristan Thompson, one of the few players left over from the second LeBron James era, seemed the most annoyed. Via

"“Y’all better find them names ‘cause I’ll pull up on ‘em right now,” Thompson said. “You can’t do that s---. “At the end of the day if you’re going to build a culture and a family, you can’t have that Chatty Patty s--- going on. That s--- is whack to me. Everyone’s got to look in the mirror, there’s only so much coach can do and there’s only so much we can do. Do we have the best roster in the NBA? No. But we’re going to go out there and compete every night. Guys got to look in the mirror. So I hope whoever reported that was just bulls------g and blamed it on a player.”"

That's an all-around amazing quote. He threatens teammates. Calls them a silly name with ill-intentions. Suggests the reporter(s) behind the story - Shams Charania and Joe Vardon - might have made it up.

Thompson suffered through four years of losing before LeBron James came back and he got to play in the NBA Finals four straight seasons. Now he's on a team competing for the worst record in franchise history for the second consecutive season while his only All-Star teammate is being shopped. Not to mention he's being mentioned in trade rumors.

Not to be a Chatty Patty, but the Cavaliers are 5-16 on the season so there is every reason in the world to believe some people in that locker room are unhappy. Thompson maybe most of all.