Trey Lance's Instagram Posts Mean Nothing

Trey Lance
Trey Lance / Lachlan Cunningham/GettyImages

Yesterday, the Tennessee Titans hired their new general manager, Ran Carthon. This would be unremarkable news for most people but our controversy-starved brains decided to make something out of it thanks to Trey Lance.

Lance posted an Instagram story with several "fingers crossed" emojis over the announcement that the Titans hired Carthon. This was, for some reason, interpreted as Lance hoping he would get traded to the Titans. Not just from the perpetually online crowd who love to stir things up for the sake of it. CBS Sports called it a "cryptic" Instagram message. Yahoo! Sports asked if he was trying to hint that he wants to follow Carthon. Numerous trade rumor posts have been written.

This is the post. And it means nothing. Nothing, I say!

Do you know why Lance posted that? Because Carthon worked within the Niners' organizatino for the last five years. He was the director of player personnel in 2021, when San Francisco drafted Lance. There is no conspiracy here.

And if there is, then you have to wonder what Lance's other Instagram story meant! That's right. He posted two yesterday. One was for Carthon and the other was a picture of the final score of last night's Iowa State-Texas game in which the Cyclones emerged victorious. Lance to the Bears? Lance to the Cowboys? What does it all mean?

It would be entirely understandable if Lance demanded out given how weird things have been in San Francisco since he got drafted but do any of you really think this is how he'd do it? A trade demand via Instagram post about a GM hire? It would be maybe the lamest trade demand in sports history.

If a Lance trade is coming we'll hear it through more standard avenues. Not a fingers crossed Insta story. Get it together, people.