Deep Down the 49ers Must Know They Need Trey Lance to Win a Super Bowl

Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Asked on Get Up this morning about the quarterback situation San Francisco, Domonique Foxworth said that Trey Lance needs to be the quarterback under center for this team to have any expectations of winning a Super Bowl. Arguing against that means arguing for Jimmy Garoppolo to game-manage his way to the ultimate prize in football when we all have very recent evidence of that not working before Tom Brady made his way over to the NFC. Have fun with the struggle to find confidence there.

Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch collaborated to select Trey Lance third overall in the NFL draft. Meaning that certainly thought more explosiveness at the position would be needed in the very near future even if they believed Garoppolo would be enough for the 2021 season. Lance has done nothing but show glimpses of the incredibly high potential and sudden impact scouts drooled over — when combined with his reputation as a leader. The only way to see if he can be a quick learner and get the experience needed before a postseason run would be to give him the opportunity.

From a pure odds standpoint, it feels like Lance being able to play better than 2019 Garoppolo by the end of the season is more likely than him being so bad that he'd need to be pulled by playing sub-.500 ball. And the reward certainly seems well worth the risk.

Who the Opening Day starter will be should reveal in crystal-clear detail which one the organization believes will give them the best chance at this winter's Super Bowl. The correct answer feels a bit obvious and it's the same as the long-term forecast. I'd be shocked if the first snap of the year ends up in Garoppolo's hands. And if doesn't prove the be a mistake.