Trevor Lawrence Refutes Urban Meyer Over QB Sneak Decision

Trevor Lawrence
Trevor Lawrence / Sam Greenwood/GettyImages

All things considered, Trevor Lawrence and his Jacksonville Jaguars squad had a pretty good showing against the Tennessee Titans on Sunday afternoon. They did lose, but Lawrence completed 22 of 33 passes with a touchdown and kept his team in the game until the final two minutes. When one thinks about the week the Jags had in the wake of the Urban Meyer debacle, it could have gone much worse.

However, they may have more football-related problems to deal with. The Jaguars had the ball on the Tennessee one-yard line with two minutes left down by 12. It was fourth down. Jacksonville needed a score to have a prayer at winning their first game of the season. They handed it off to Carlos Hyde who was immediately stuffed and the Jags turned it over on downs, effectively ending the game.

Meyer was asked after the game why he called a standard running play instead of a QB sneak. He told reporters that Lawrence wasn't comfortable with QB sneaks yet.

It isn't a crazy thought. A QB sneak seems simple but Lawrence spent almost all of his college career operating from the shotgun, where QB sneaks are not called. Plus, there have been worse decisions made in Jacksonville over the years than choosing not to put the prized rookie signal-caller's body on the line in a regular-season game. But that was not the end of it.

Lawrence was asked about that during his own postgame press conference and immediately refuted his head coach.

That is not great! From a certain lens, it seems Meyer tried to pin the blame on a bad playcall on Lawrence's comfort level and Lawrence was having none of it. Which is not the sort of productive relationship a quarterback should have with his head coach. Especially a first-year guy like Lawrence, with all the talent in the world and trying to find his footing at the biggest level.

A rather concerning development for the Jaguars.