Trevor Bauer Rips Both Sides in Major League Baseball Stalemate

Trevor Bauer at Cincinnati Reds Photo Day
Trevor Bauer at Cincinnati Reds Photo Day / Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Trevor Bauer is as outspoken as Major League Baseball players come, and on Monday the Cincinnati Reds righty took to Twitter and ripped both sides in the league's labor standoff. Bauer essentially said the current posture of the owners and players will lead to the death of the sport.

Bauer's Twitter rant is below:

This is really hard for me to say but is ... Trevor Bauer the sane one in all this?

The owners and players both had easy paths to doing the right thing and being lauded for it. Instead there has been absurd in-fighting and lobbed shots at the other side consistently for months. In all that time no one in either camp has successfully grown up and attempted to bridge the gap.

Now the league is at a crossroads and we may not even get a 2020 season. After that, the collective bargaining agreement negotiations in 2021 that are sure to rock the MLB to its core. The agreement on the 2020 season should have been the easy part in all of this. Instead it's been an insane slog during which very little has made sense.

Trevor Bauer is tired of it, as are baseball fans.