Trevor Bauer And Aubrey Huff Are Fighting on Twitter

Trevor Bauer of the Cincinnati Reds faces the Chicago Cubs
Trevor Bauer of the Cincinnati Reds faces the Chicago Cubs / Quinn Harris/Getty Images

Trevor Bauer and Aubrey Huff apparently don't like each other and got into a running fight on Twitter Tuesday morning. Frankly, I'm shocked the site hasn't melted down and gone offline as a result.

On Monday, Bauer ripped both sides in the MLB's ongoing labor dispute in a Twitter thread. He finished it off with the following tweet:

Frankly, the Cincinnati Reds righty made some good points in his thread. It was an unusually reasoned rant from a guy who often courts controversy.

Huff -- who is a stone-cold moron -- apparently didn't like the fact that someone else was getting attention for a few minutes. Six hours after Bauer's tweets, Huff jumped in and took a shot at Bauer:

And that started this running back-and-forth:

After that, Huff made two Twitter videos trying to prove he was a great hitter who never worried about advanced stats, and claiming "nerds" have infiltrated baseball. I'm not going to share them here because, frankly, our site is committed to maintaining a certain standard of quality. Huff's videos fall far below that threshold.

I'll give Huff credit for one thing, he made Bauer look downright reasonable on social media for the first time I can remember.