Trent Dilfer Flipped Out on His Assistant Coaches During UAB's Loss to Tulane


Trent Dilfer is in his first season as UAB's head coach, and the former NFL quarterback had a rough afternoon on Saturday. The Blazers lost to Tulane, 35-23 and in the middle of the fourth quarter, Dilfer absolutely lost his mind on several of his coaches following a defensive penalty. He looked like a crazy person.

The play came with Tulane leading 28-20 with 11:58 remaining in the game. The Green Wave faced a fourth-and-2 on its own 28-yard line. UAB was flagged for illegal substitution for having 12 players on the field. That gave Tulane a first down and allowed its offense to continue the drive. Dilfer was not happy.

Check this out:

I mean, those are the actions of a person untethered from reality. Absolutely insane.

This is the same Trent Dilfer who was forced to apologize after manhandling one of his players when he was coaching at Lipscomb Academy in Nashville.

Hey Trent? Let's take a breath and count to 10, eh buddy?

Some old school football types love this stuff but it's not a great look from a college football coach.