Trent Dilfer Bracing For the Kansas City Chiefs to Get Blown Out in Super Bowl

Trent Dilfer not expecting a good game.
Trent Dilfer not expecting a good game. / Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images

The Kansas City Chiefs are one-point favorites in Super Bowl LIV. They have Patrick Mahomes and an offense that looks as though it cannot be stopped. But Trent Dilfer foresees trouble for our Midwestern friends. He believes they are cruising for a bruising at the hands of San Francisco, telling Colin Cowherd yesterday that this matchup is reminiscent of the 49ers taking on Dan Marino's Miami Dolphins and John Elway's Denver Broncos.

San Francisco won those games by 22 points and 45 points, respectively. Dilfer apparently sees this year's Chiefs team as a similar entity, a "quarterback-centric" side that doesn't "have the full depth of a football team." His tape-eating has led him to believe the Niners will have no trouble taking the lead early and eliminating all drama.

Now, I didn't win a Super Bowl like Dilfer did, but I am going to have to go ahead and disagree. Kansas City is not just Patrick Mahomes. Their offensive skill position players are insanely talented. The defense quietly allowed fewer total points than the vaunted San Francisco unit this year. They have possibly the best kick returner in the NFL with Mecole Hardman.

I am also not an NFL historian, yet seem to remember the Niners went to battle with a guy named Joe Montana under center. That seems like a pretty big factor. Jerry Rice was also involved.

For all of Kyle Shanahan's wizardry, he cannot make Jimmy Garoppolo Joe Montana.

Anyway, we're all entitled to our opinions but I would be absolutely floored if San Francisco wins by three, four, or five touchdowns considering Mahomes has played in 35 career games and is yet to lose by more than a touchdown.