Travis Kelce Threw a Punch At a Teammate During Chiefs Training Camp

Travis Kelce
Travis Kelce /

On Saturday things got a bit spicy between Travis Kelce and his teammate. During goal line drills at Kansas City Chiefs training camp, Patrick Mahomes hit Kelce for a touchdown. A familiar sight. However, Kelce took exception to safety Jack Cochrane trying to knock the ball loose a few seconds after the whistle and punched Cochrane in the back of the helmet.

Cochrane, perhaps wisely, did not escalate the situation but it could've led to something much bigger. Kelce didn't hold anything back.

Getting a little feisty in training camp, it would seem. Maybe not enough Taylor Swift on the aux. Based on what we can see the punch is a *bit* of an overreaction but it appears to have been building from yesterday if this other clip is any indication.

It's not the first time teammates have gotten chippy in the hot summer months. It won't be the last. Great entertainment, though.

UPDATE: In a pretty shocking development Kelce actually addressed this on his Twitter account a few hours later. Usually everyone pretends nothing happened. Good on Kelce.