Travis Kelce Seems to Think No One Thought the Kansas City Chiefs Could Win the Super Bowl

Christian Petersen/GettyImages

The Kansas City Chiefs won Super Bowl LVII, something literally everyone half-expected months, weeks, and days ago because they have Patrick Mahomes and are an incredible football team. They are arguably in the middle of a 10-year dynasty, the first half of which has come with countless glowing articles, television segments, podcasts, and signs of respect from oddsmakers. In fact, they just recently won the first playoff game as underdogs, a situation many of the star players on roster have never experienced. Including Travis Kelce, who has somehow missed the very obvious and lofty place the Chiefs occupy in the nebulous NFL belief rankings.

Because he used the opportunity of having a microphone not once, but twice to hammer home the idea that none of y'all said the Chiefs were going to take it home this year. Not a single one!

With all due admiration for Kelce, who will retire one day as one of the best tight ends to ever put on a uniform and has earned all of this happiness, what the actual hell are you talking about? Everyone knows that this motivational tactic seems to be the only one that works and the reality of the situation actually has very little to do with the whole thing. At the same time, it's getting pretty lame that we're veering closer and closer to an un-ironic "But I Was Told Steph Curry Wasn't a Good Shooter" culture.

It's pretty amusing to see just how far we can go with this particular trend. Just when you hear something that suggests you couldn't possibly be any dumber, something fresh drops.

Players and coaches doing it is one thing. Announcers and reporters steering all the way into the phony skid is too much though. Go back and look at how often one of the first few questions to triumphant champions is about the people who didn't think they could do it. It happens all the time even if viewers at home couldn't possibly begin to decipher where all of this is coming from. Everyone feels like they're on Captain Hook's ship, just itching to put haters — even if they are wholly non-existent — in the Boo Box.