Tracy McGrady Crushed as Robert Horry Rubs Seven Championships in His Face on ESPN

Stephen Douglas

" defpensports: Robert Horry ESPN NBA: The Jump — FanSportsClips (@FanSportsClips) April 12, 2016 "

Tracy McGrady and Robert Horry both appeared on ESPN’s “The Jump” on Tuesday. (Rachel Nichols’ daily NBA show for those of you who haven’t been watching.) At one point, the conversation turned to championship rings and Nichols wondered if maybe T-Mac could have one of Horry’s. “Big Shot Rob” was having none of that and kind of crushed McGrady without provocation.

“Nah dog, you gotta earn it. It wouldn’t be right if I just give it to you, right? You did a lot of great things in the NBA but you know…”


Nichols laughed, but McGrady looked defeated. Just one more basketball player that Robert Horry left devastated.

Keep in mind, this was mere hours after Horry appeared on SportsCenter and named himself the most clutch athlete of all-time.