Tracy Chapman Singing 'Fast Car' With Luke Combs Was Amazing

Kevin Winter/GettyImages

The 66th Grammy Awards were replete with some weird moments around the memorable musical performances. An honest-to-goodness entertaining night of television even if several production choices were head-scratching. And nothing was better than Tracy Chapman, playing for the first time publicly in several years, teaming up with Luke Combs for a beautiful rendition of Fast Car.

In the introductory video before the duet, Combs spoke about Chapman's song, saying it was his favorite song before I knew what a favorite song was. Chapman laid it out for audiences in 1988 and it became a hit then a classic. Comb's cover won a Grammy last night. Thirty-five years from now he'll probably back at the show with the latest person to cover it and be awarded.

It's probably impossible to find any empirical data on the subject but we'd feel pretty confident in saying that Fast Car has one of the highest approval ratings of any song ever crafted. Like, it's almost impossible to imagine someone disliking this unless they were doing it as part of a bit or as a plea for attention. Consider how many times you've heard Combs' version in the last year and how even still it hasn't gotten annoying like the other singles played into oblivion on repeat.

The Grammys might be back. Don't want to get over our skis here and we'll have to read what the real experts are saying but that's the early lean this morning. Then we'll get all the ratings enthusiasts to tell us what the almighty metrics have to say about the issue. Should be exciting.