Toronto's Nazem Kadri Suspended For Remainder Of First Round Series After Brutal Hit


Nazem Kadri has been punished for his inexcusable hit on Boston Bruins winter Jake DeBrusk. The Toronto Maple Leafs center will miss the rest of their first-round series.

Here’s the video of the hit:

As you can see, Kadri cros-checked DeBrusk in the head. He absolutely deserved a suspension.

Here is the NHL’s explanation of the decision:

Obviously this was the right decision by the NHL. This wasn’t some kind of accidental hit that got out of hand. It was a deliberate move by Kadri that targeted the head of an opponent. There’s no place in the game for that.

This series is obviously already chippy and it stands to get worse. It’s tied 1-1 and the teams play in Game 3 Monday night.

DeBrusk did suit up for Game 3, which is a miracle, considering the shot he took from Kadri. He’s lucky he can play.

As for Kadri, he has a history of this kind of behavior, and he’s lucky he’ll even be allowed to return to the postseason.