Top Five Craziest Things From Kanye West's Soldier Field 'Donda' Listening Party

Kanye West on fire.
Kanye West on fire. /

Kanye West, who is legally changing his name to Ye, a nickname many people already call him, held his third "Donda" listening party last night at Chicago's Soldier Field. Many things happened. Here are five of them that are fairly insane.

Kanye West Set Himself on Fire

I mean, do I need to expound on that?

Kanye Fake-Renewed His Vows With Kim Kardashian

So if there is one thing that should make the public believe that the Kim Kardashian-Kanye West relationship was ever legitimate, it's pretending to renew vows while in the middle of a divorce as part of a performance art piece meant to promote a new album.

The bride stunned by appearing. You have to wonder if Kanye saw that Dell Curry-inspired Twitter thread earlier this week and remembered the time he had charcoal ice cream and maybe pulled a Dwight Schrute and secretly re-married Kim without her knowledge.

Marilyn Manson and DaBaby Showed Up

In a very bold move, West invited Marilyn Manson who has been accused by muiltple women of sexual assault in 2021, and DaBaby, who was recently kicked off a bunch of scheduled performances following a homophobic rant he went on during a performance at Rolling Loud in July.

These are the kinds of people you invite to your wedding?

Kanye Reconstructed His Childhood Home at Solider Field

Look, the Bears still technically live here for a few more seasons. But if Kanye is going to build a house on the 50-yard line and invite Marilyn Manson over all the time maybe the Bears should move to the suburbs.

Kanye West's 'Donda' Album Release Date Doesn't Exist

Somehow the craziest part of all this is that West has yet to release this album. It's now been moved to September 3rd, but who knows? This man has been living in football stadiums for the last month. He walks around with his entire head covered. He's holding large gatherings in the middle of a pandemic and charging people hundreds of dollars for the opportunity to listen to something they will soon be able to stream for free. That's nuts!