Top 10 WRs in the NFL: Odell Beckham Narrowly Ahead of Julio Jones

By Jason McIntyre

1. Odell Beckham Jr., New York Giants
Tops on the list because he’s been amazingly prolific in both seasons. Has 25 TDs in just 27 games. Over 90 receptions in both seasons and 2,755 yards. Game breaking speed: There catches of 70+ yards last season.

2. Julio Jones, Atlanta Falcons
Led all receivers with yards after the catch (620 yards), 1st downs (93) and yards per game (116.9). Other than the season he was injured (2013), Jones has improved statistically with each season. Narrowly edged out by Beckham because of one stat – just eight touchdowns and three fumbles last season.

3. Antonio Brown, Pittsburgh Steelers
Leads the NFL with 15 games of 100+ yards receiving since the start of 2014. Already the greatest wide receiver ever drafted in the 6th round. His last three seasons: 110-1499-8; 129-1698-13; 136-1834-10. The only knock: Six playoff games, 0 career touchdowns.

4. AJ Green, Cincinnati Bengals
Doesn’t have the celebrations of Brown, the popularity of Beckham, but he’s more than lived up to the hype as the #4 pick in 2011. These are his averages so far: 83 catches, 1,234 yards, nine TDs. Has yet to have a dominant, signature postseason game.

5. DeAndre Hopkins, Houston Texans
Emerged last year as one of the league’s best with an 11-TD, 1,521 yard season including roasting Darrell Revis. Of all the guys on this list, he’s the one who has yet to play with a decent QB. (Yes, Ryan Fitzpatrick is decent.)

6. Dez Bryant, Dallas Cowboys
Slides a bit off the injury, but not far, given his incredible 3-year run from 2012-2014: 273 receptions, 3,935 yards and 41 TDs. Turns 28 in November.

7. Mike Evans, Tampa Bay Bucs
Because he was in the same draft as Odell Beckham, his first two monster seasons have been overshadowed – 142 catches, 2,257 yards, 15 TDs. He turns 23 later this month. Did have one awful game against the Giants last season with six drops, which nullified his eight grabs for 152 yards.

8. Allen Robinson, Jacksonville Jaguars
Second round pick had a nice rookie year but really exploded last year with 80 catches for 1,400 yards and 14 TDs. How good was that 2014 WR draft class? Robinson turns 23 later this month.

9. Brandon Marshall, New York Jets
Coming off the best season of his career (109 catches, 1,502 yards, 14 TDs), Marshall is on his 4th team in 11 seasons, but here’s an odd stat – he’s yet to participate in a playoff game.

10. Jordy Nelson, Green Bay Packers
Missed all of last season due to a torn ACL, but what he’s done in his last two healthy seasons has him on this list. Started his career quietly, but in his 4th year he caught 15 TDs. He’s been mostly unguardable since.

Just missed: Amari Cooper, Oakland; Demaryius Thomas, Denver; Larry Fitzgerald, Arizona; Alshon Jeffery, Chicago; Ty Hilton, Indianapolis; Sammy Watkins, Buffalo.