Top 10 Worst NFL Fan Bases


What makes a fan base good or bad? Loyalty? Attendance? Reputation? Social media presence? Celebrity faces? Can you celebrate a group of people who walk away from a bad owner and a perennial loser? Or do you criticize them for not sticking with their team? Do you dislike the way fans act when their team consistently wins? Or are you just sick of the team they root for? And which group of people is most likely fight you in the parking lot? Being a fan is a delicate balance. And these fan bases have done a horrible job!

10 – Los Angeles Chargers

This team had some fans in San Diego, but they left them all behind. Now their home games are just convenient places for people to sit down and not be bothered by other people as they check their phones on Sunday afternoons.

9 – Los Angeles Rams

This team has played in like 50 different cities. They had two historically awesome teams, but that was in Missouri. If you combined all the Chargers and Rams fans in the world, they probably couldn’t even fill a stadium in the city they share. In fact, that happened last year and they literally did not fill a stadium in the city they share.

8 – Tennessee Titans

Honest question, have you ever met a Titans fan. Like, a serious, Honest-to-George Titans fan? I didn’t think so. They don’t exist. The Music City Miracle is remembered, but there is no proof it was ever actually celebrated by anyone.

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7 – Jacksonville Jaguars

The most vulgar fan base in the entire NFL, based on real science. We know nothing about them except for what Jason Mendoza teaches us, and even then it’s safe to assume that’s nothing more than a lovable caricature of what a real northern Florida football fan is really like.

6 – New York Giants

Automatic lost points for being a group of New Yorkers. On top of that they play in New Jersey, which is an entirely other state.

5 – Oakland Raiders

This is truly a legacy thing. For years when you had to give an example of fans behaving badly, it would be Raiders fans. The silver and gold. The Black Hole. The menacing face paint and gaudy skull-adorned costumes. Raiders fans were the best at being the worst.

4 – Dallas Cowboys

The most insufferable fanbase that hasn’t won anything in forever. They are literally one of the biggest fanbases in all of sports. No matter how good or bad the team is that stupid star logo follows you everywhere. You go to a Packers fan bar in New York on a Sunday, you see somebody in a Cowboys jersey. You get on the Tube in London in the middle of the summer, you see a Cowboys jersey. The only place you’re safe from the Cowboys is the Super Bowl.

3 – Philadelphia Eagles

The most insufferable fanbase that has won something like two years ago. The city of Philadelphia has produced many infamous fanbases, but only one of them threw stuff at Santa Claus.

2 – New York Jets

The Mets to the Giants’ Yankees. That should make all four fanbases feel awful. A fanbase is only as good or bad as it’s most visible fan and the Jets have Fireman Ed, who is the worst. Each and every Jets fan should own him as a representation of their own self and feel great shame. The height of their creativity is spelling their four-letter team name.

1 – New England Patriots

Every single checkmark of annoying fans. Location. Reputation. Accent. Tom Brady’s hats. The Internet. Being associated with a city they don’t play in. Constant, annoying winning. Knowledge of Ideal Gas Law and other excuses for cheating. Smugness. Arrogance. Dunkin Donuts. And speaking of most visible fans…