Tony Romo, Trade Bait? Here are 6 Potential Landing Spots if the Cowboys Trade Him


Will Tony Romo play another game in a Dallas Cowboys uniform? It’s a fair question to ask after yet another Dak Prescott rally, this time bringing Dallas back twice in the 4th quarter on the road in Pittsburgh to stun the Steelers.

The rookie QB from Mississippi State has now beaten four playoff teams from a year ago – the Redskins, Bengals, Packers and Steelers – and three of them were on the road. Prescott’s Cowboys are 8-1 and have the best record in the NFL.

Romo is healthy, and will probably be active this week when Dallas hosts the Ravens. Putting aside the fact that it’s a perfect letdown spot for the Cowboys – emotional win, the Ravens coming off extra rest, Dallas with the best record in the NFL, all that – a legitimate question worth asking: Where might the Cowboys trade the 36-year old Romo this offseason?

His contract isn’t awful, and Jerry Jones loves him, as does the city. Perhaps the Cowboys say, hey, you can extend your career with us, just restructure your deal so you don’t have to leave. Everyone needs a reliable backup! Or, Romo could say he wants to start somewhere, and teams are tripping over themselves to sign him the way teams chased Brett Favre when he left Green Bay or Peyton Manning when the Colts dumped him. Even Joe Montana left the 49ers!

Some options:

New York Jets: They played this game with Favre, he got them off to an 8-3 start, but they struggled to a 9-7 finish, and missed the playoffs. He left. Geno Smith and Ryan Fitzpatrick will be jettisoned; Bryce Petty and Christian Hackenberg aren’t ready. Romo as a stopgap? I’m not in love with it, but let’s see how well they can tank in hopes of getting a high pick.

LA Rams: It’ll be interesting to see if a) Jeff Fisher can get back to .500, b) Jeff Fisher gets an extension (LOL), c) Jared Goff is ready. If they’re looking for a 1-2 year bridge, Romo could be the guy, and he’d probably sell tickets and make the most boring offense in the NFL instantly watchable.

Denver: Let’s face it, Trevor Siemian is a short-term band aid, and he’ll be lucky to get this team to the playoffs. Paxton Lynch didn’t look ready to play as a rookie, and John Elway struck gold with Peyton Manning …

Cleveland: Haha, like he’d ever want to end his career in Siberia. Imagine going from the best offensive line in football and the best brand in sports to the Factory of Sadness. At least he and Jamie Collins could swap stories.

Minnesota: All that Sam Bradford talk has been silenced – he ain’t the guy. Never was the guy. Yes, Teddy Bridgewater will be back, but when? His injury doesn’t seem to be worth rushing back over. The Vikings defense has struggled, but it’s not like the offense has done them any favors. The gig could be a tough sell to Romo given the pathetic offensive line, and if Adrian Peterson isn’t back.

Arizona: I’m aware Carson Palmer threw for 376 yards Sunday. But it was against San Francisco, and Palmer’s two interceptions are the main reason the game went down to the wire. He was an MVP runner-up last year, but suddenly he looks ancient as his 37th birthday approaches (next month). The OL is shaky, but the receivers are good and they’ve got a Top 5 RB. The defense has had its issues, but the Cardinals are certainly a playoff contender, with a Super Bowl ceiling. The biggest hurdle would be Palmer’s contract.