Tony Romo, the NFL's Most Clutch QB Since 2006


Tony Romo will wake up mid-morning today next to his beauty queen wife in his sprawling mansion to the same song he always does: Silkk the Shocker’s classic, ‘It ain’t my fault.’

Was it Tony Romo’s fault the Cowboys suffered a heartbreaking loss to the Packers, 37-36? Hell no! The porous defense collapsed (again) and the offensive coordinator went away from the run game (foolishly). How can DeMarco Murray average 7.4 ypc and only get seven carries in the second half while nursing a massive lead? Don’t blame Tony, blame everyone else – it’s been that way for years now, right?

Jerry Jones, the owner/under-qualified GM of the Cowboys, called it one of the “hardest losses” he’s ever experienced. Leading 26-3 at halftime and 29-10 in the third quarter, it appeared Dallas was going to coast, and leap into a tie in the NFC East with Philly, putting the Cowboys in prime position to get into the playoffs, where it would host a game – likely against New Orleans, Carolina, or San Francisco.

Then Tony Romo tried to win the game for Dallas, when all he had to do was move the football.

Romo threw two interceptions in his own end in the final five minutes, and the Packers capitalized, and once again, the $108-million man is the talk of the NFL. The Cowboys signed him to a 6-year extension in March; how bad does that deal look now given the holes on defense?

Dallas had a near-100% win probability before and after halftime Sunday – it was still in the 80s with five minutes left in the game! You know how this one is ending: Dallas sneaks into the playoffs, Romo is the hero … and then the Cowboys get curb-stomped in the first round of the playoffs at home.