Tony Romo Says NFL's Stance on Vegas Convention "Reeks of Scare Tactics"

Ryan Glasspiegel

An angry-sounding Tony Romo called into Colin Cowherd’s radio show today. Over the weekend, word emerged that the NFL had informed the player’s association that Romo, and other participants in a fantasy football convention the Cowboys quarterback was putting together in Las Vegas in July, would be fined or suspended because it took place on casino property (the convention center doesn’t have on-site gambling).

Romo compared the NFL to the kid in high school who doesn’t get invited to the party, and that their methods reeked of scare tactics. The regulations seem archaic in the first place, and he also made the salient point that the Detroit Lions just inked a big sponsorship with MGM Grand. So, clearly, some in the league are able to associate with casinos.